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Brochures are the perfect marketing option for restaurants, trade shows, and events. These high-quality printed materials can be featured in a selection of sizes, stocks, finishes, and folds to fit any event or advertising.




Tri-Fold Brochures

Our most popular option, this classic brochure fold has three panels on each side. Also called a letter fold. These are handy enough to give away and carry around at an event that draws crowds, such as a weekend market or trade show.

Half-Fold or Bi-fold Brochures

A simple fold that divides your brochure in half. This folding option creates two panels on each side, providing enough space for several paragraphs and large-sized images.


100 lb. Glossy Paper

- Foldable and durable

- 100% sustainably sourced

- Smooth coating adds more brightness to colors




Brochures are a continual sales tool. Juarez Creative Media can help make sure that your brochure has a lasting advertising impact.

Brochures: What I Do
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